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A 4.2827-hectare agricultural plot at the foot of the mountain with a captivating view of Hartbeespoort Dam is a haven for those with a passion for farming and a love for scenic landscapes. Here’s a detailed description of this expansive and agriculturally zoned property:

Agricultural Zoning: The plot, generously spanning 4.2827 hectares, is designated for agricultural use, offering an array of possibilities for cultivation, livestock, or other farming ventures. The zoning ensures that the land is optimized for agricultural practices while maintaining a harmonious relationship with the natural surroundings.

Mountainous Backdrop: Rising majestically behind the plot, the mountain provides a dramatic and imposing backdrop. The slopes of the mountain may be covered in native vegetation, creating a visually stunning contrast against the cultivated fields below.

Scenic Views of Hartbeespoort Dam: Perched strategically, the property affords a commanding and panoramic view of Hartbeespoort Dam. The shimmering waters of the dam stretch out, reflecting the changing colors of the sky, providing a captivating sight for anyone fortunate enough to gaze upon it.

Agricultural Infrastructure: 2 Huge Structures for storage or equipment and Staff Quarters are currently there. Enhancing the functionality of the land for agricultural activities.

Tranquil Environment: Despite its agricultural purpose, the property maintains a serene and tranquil environment. The natural beauty of the surroundings, combined with the calming views, creates an atmosphere that is both productive and peaceful.

Opportunities for Livestock: For those interested in animal husbandry, the property’s size allows for the potential integration of livestock. Pastoral scenes with grazing animals against the backdrop of the dam and mountain could become a defining feature of this agricultural retreat.

Strategic Location: The property’s location at the foot of the mountain not only provides aesthetic appeal but also shields the agricultural endeavors from extreme weather conditions, creating a microclimate conducive to farming.

In summary, this 4.2827-hectare agricultural plot in Hartbeespoort Dam offers a harmonious blend of fertile land, stunning scenery, and agricultural potential. It is an enticing canvas for those with a vision for sustainable farming and a desire to cultivate the land while enjoying the mesmerizing views of the dam and surrounding natural beauty.


  • Country: South Africa
  • Neighborhood: Melodie
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  • Property ID 24905
  • Price R3,250,000
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  • Land area 4.2827 m2
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